Get to know Stephanie Faraci

To my broader audience (read: my mom and the maybe one other person who regularly checks me out), I’ve decided to bite the bullet and finally start taking the graphic design courses I’ve always wanted to take.  My class is GDS 108 and I’ll be weaving coursework in with this blog. My guess is that …

Chalk Art

Sunny summer days at our house are spent outside riding bikes, running through the sprinklers and covering our sidewalk with chalk.  In addition to Smurfette, the solar system, Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc., and a giant whale, I did this quotation in a variety of colors.

Summer Notecard Series

When I think of Summer, I think of back when I was a kid– enjoying long days, being outdoors, never knowing what the day was going to bring. I’d just hop on my bike, looking for adventure. That was the inspiration for Set 1 in my new Peetey & Peaches Summer Notecard Series. Summer goes …

Sloaney Baloney’s 1/4 Kosher Deli

My friend Vanessa recently approached me about doing a 1st birthday party package based on the nickname she and her husband call their daughter: Sloaney Baloney. How cute is that?! And it doesn’t get much more personal than to base a theme on such a cute nickname. Here are images of some of the cute …

Anchor’s Aweigh!

So I have this favorite local organization. It’s called Crisis Nursery and they provide 24/7 respite care to caregivers with children 6 and under. For their annual dinner and auction, I was lucky enough to put together a special birthday party package to be auctioned off. Here are some of the goodies! This is a …

One Badass Mother

Being a Mama is hard work! Why not recognize her for some of the extra duties not in the job description. These 5 x 7″ folded notecards in various colors are hand painted with a badges of honor and come with an handmade patterned envelope and matching envelope liner. Does the Mom in your life …

Parcel Post

for the love of lettering and design

oh, hello friend: you are loved.

for the love of lettering and design

paper pastries

for the love of lettering and design


for the love of lettering and design

for the love of lettering and design