What is Peetey & Peaches?

A little shop dedicated to hand-lettering, hand-painting and hand-crafting beautiful stationery, party supplies, signs, pictures and envelopes to make both the monumental and mundane moments in life memorable.


Peetey & Peaches make me want to be the best possible version of myself and have always urged me to pursue my creative inklings.  No pun intended.  Hopefully naming my little blip of an Etsy shop after them shows how thankful I am to have them both in my life.

While having lunch with an old college friend a few weeks ago, he was relating a recent story that completely struck me.
His Godfather, Fred, a dear, sweet WWII vet that he was very close to had passed away and he was cleaning up his house.  He was telling me about the few things he was intent on keeping, one of which was a box of old post cards and letters Fred and his wife had sent to each other while he was overseas.   My friend showed me a picture of one of the letters: beautifully hand written and thoughtful with Freds’ own colloquialisms so descriptive you could almost hear his voice reading the letter to his wife.  And now these beautiful old hand-written letters from decades ago and will continue to live on under my friend’s care.
It got me thinking about what I’ve kept over my 30-year life span.  After digging around in a few boxes, I noticed that the bulk of my keepsakes were handwritten sentiments from loved ones in different stages of my life.  From the momentous occasions like my wedding and the birth of my child to the seemingly mundane, the items I have cherished and refused to part with are hand-written love letters and notes from elementary school girlfriends.
Something about a hand-written item makes it so much more special and thoughtful and I wanted to put my love of typography and calligraphy to use in creating stationery, signs and a variety of other things that that people could use to fill their keepsake boxes with.

One thought

  1. Stephanie,
    Congratulations on finding your true passion and having the courage to run with it! Wishing you much success on this new journey!
    Kim Morreale

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for the love of lettering and design

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for the love of lettering and design

for the love of lettering and design

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