I’m so excited! I’m so… scared.



Taken of Pete’s desk from the vantage point of my desk

I feel like a super rockstar. It took me 30 days to brainstorm Peetey & Peaches.  Well, I gave myself 30 days.  I developed the Etsy site, products for the Etsy site, a Facebook Fan page, an Instagram Account, Google+, an website.  I put together an entire social media plan that was basically a calendar of all of the different things I was supposed to do online each day.

I launched P & P a little over 30 days ago and couldn’t have imagined the success.  Lots of people buying stationery sets. So many orders for custom stationery, invitations, logos, posters and calligraphy services. I’ve been featured in online craft bloggers holiday shop showcases. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that my little shop would explode the way it did.

I’ve never been happier; having a creative outlet that gives me the opportunity to do what I love is terrific.  It’s one of those fleeting moments when you say to yourself: “Good job, lady.  You can take off your cape and tiara and get a good nights rest.” …Until I think about the other part(s) of my life.

I’ve mentioned before I have a real job.  A job that is often way longer than 40 hours each week.  Peetey and Peaches activities need to take place before 8am or after 5p– the only time in the day to get Pete ready for school, make her lunch, ensure her homework is complete (I can’t tell you how many times this semester her completed homework has ended up in the trash because I wasn’t paying attention and needed to cross it off my list of things to do).  The only time I have to make dinner, feed the dogs, pick up the house, maybe kiss my husband (if he’s lucky.  And usually I’m swirling around like a tornado, so he has to stop me and ask).  He’s a busy fella himself and frequently has meetings in the after 5p time slot on week nights, leaving me to handle our family business solo.

I know, wah wah I want a work life balance. So does every other woman in the world– whether she’s a mother or not.  But I feel like my problem is I have a lot going on and I don’t want to let go of any of it. I love all of it.  The silly-kid-crazy-dogs-messy-house-public-servant-husband lifestyle is insane and I wouldn’t change any of it.  Well, I sure as hell would have changed Pete bringing lice home last week.  That sucked.

So any advice would be great.  I’m not looking for balance, maybe just a few tips to manage. Tools to manage the 7,841 social media outlets I want to use to promote Peetey and Peaches.  An extra elf that can do calligraphy. A pony, just for fun. Its just a matter of time before I crash a la Jessie-Spano-Saved-By-The-Bell Style. And that’s okay.

Alright, a post-bath Pete is singing “Salamoodle had a Poodle” into her hair brush rockstar style and I don’t want to miss the show.

3 thoughts

  1. You are my hero! You are awesome! Although I’d rather you didn’t crash, I know you have an awesome support system and will be caught in great and capable hands. You mentioned that you don’t want to let go of anything, and maybe for a while you won’t have to, but eventually you will…and you will know! But don’t worry- some things can be picked up later. Some things can’t. Choose wisely.

  2. I had no idea you were up to all of this! I always see your Facebook pictures and LOVE the creative things you’re doing. Congrats on the success, I’ll have to keep you in mind if I (or anyone else) ever need some cute customized cards or crafty things 🙂

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for the love of lettering and design

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