Our First Ever Giveaway!


I don’t know about you, but my kid is bored out of her gourd.  You’d think that Winter’s shorter days would help. I started digging around the ol’ paper scrap bin and created a special little gift for her: all of the goodies a gal could want to make an entire class personalized Valentines.

Each kit comes with supplies to make 30 of your own Valentines. Each kit includes 3″ x 5″ cards and envelopes, hearts, circles, squares, tags, triangles and rectangles, sequins, other miscellaneous embellishments and a small bottle of glue. Everything is packaged in a gift box with each shape in its own small ziploc bag to keep supplies organized.

Want one for your own kid?

1. Just post a link to this page/one of my DIY Valentine Kit Etsy listings on your Facebook page.

2. Tag Peetey & Peaches in your post and you’ll be entered to win a kit at random.  The drawing will be held next Sunday night (after SuperBowl Festivities, of course). 

These materials are from scraps of other paper projects, so go green this Valentine’s Day by re-using and re-cycling these beautiful papers. This monochrome kit has over 10 patterns that can be mixed and matched for a beautiful, personalized project. Full Etsy listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/120256560/red-and-pink-diy-valentine-kit.  Don’t forget to click around the shop to show all of the other color options.  I’ve got blue/green, yellow, orange, black/white and a multi colored option.

Perfect for those stir-crazy kids with cabin fever in need of a Saturday afternoon project to prevent the boredom blues!

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for the love of lettering and design

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for the love of lettering and design


for the love of lettering and design

for the love of lettering and design

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