Praying for Boston

Words can’t express how sad and sickened I am by the senseless act of violence that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon this past Monday.  Just… ugh…  My thoughts are with the victims, their families and all others directly impacted by this tragedy.

Everyone Loves Freebies

Peetey and Peaches is giving away 1 set of 25 personalized notecards valued at $50. Customized in the color of your choice. Includes 25 cards, envelopes & liners.  Enter by: – Checking out the link at the top right hand corner of Peetey & Peaches’ homepage – Visiting  Peetey & Peaches on Facebook. All you …

Yellow (and Orange) Make me Happy

Let’s face it.  Winter sucks. And it sucks even more when 11.5″ snow fall 3 days into Spring.  So, since it seems I’ll be cooped up indoors a little while longer, I decided to cook up a few motivational sayings in my favorite hues of yellow and orange.  The canvas painting to brighten my office …

My Lucky Little Leprechaun

  Where does the time go? Ellie will turn 7 on St. Patricks day next weekend, so we hosted a Leprechaun’s Treasure Hunt (complete with clues and a giant green treasure chest) to celebrate. It seems as if each year passes more quickly than the last.  I can’t slow time down, but I can use …

Procrastination is like…

Peaches’ father always used to say “I’ve got so much to do I think I’ll take a nap.” I don’t disagree with that strategy– a good rest and a clear mind can usually give me the turbo boost needed to kick my to-do list’s ass.  Today I just haven’t been able to find my rhythm. …

Love Letters With A Twist

Oh, St. Valentine’s Day.  According to a recent [and totally unscientific Facebook post from a magazine] poll, 33% think V-Day is ‘fine’, 30% have no opinion and 19% loathe it. Where the other 12% fit, I’m not sure.  I’d like to think it is a group of people like me:  people who think it’s a …

Parcel Post

for the love of lettering and design

oh, hello friend: you are loved.

for the love of lettering and design

paper pastries

for the love of lettering and design


for the love of lettering and design

for the love of lettering and design